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“Most Popular - Must Know” Nursery Rhymes for Kids

This is the best place for your kids
to learn & at the same time enjoy the most popular
nursery rhymes in colourful 3D animations.

Mom & Kids

Enjoyment & fun for the whole family

Enjoy happy moments with your family & friends on a weekend, picnic , vacation &
more. Our bright & colorful 3D life like animations make
Teddy & Timmy Nursery Rhymes the ideal choice for kids ears
& growing mental needs. Our team creates nursery rhyme videos not only for the
little ones but also make the videos entertaining
& funny enough for parents & all family members to enjoy.
Your desire we have designed.


Good Values

Through our characters we try to educate the little kids
with good values & manners that would surely help them in
their life going forward.

 Teddy with abc & 123

“Great & Creative Content” makes “Smart & Intelligent Kids”

Our videos = fun learning process. Parents feel proud & happy when kids have fun
while learning & to make content of this sort has always been our first priority.
With great content kids will always remember the educative part of the video
as we design the video in such a way that the most important (which is the educative)
part will register in their minds which will in turn make them smart & intelligent.

learn with music

Great music brightens up the mood

Music plays a very important role in everyone’s life. Music can brighten up
your mood & it works brilliantly with little kids. We strive hard to create
upbeat & peppy music to brighten up not only the spirits of kids but also
family & friends watching the video. Myriad colours & foot tapping
beats will motivate kids not only to sing but also dance along.

Engaged child (in the right direction) = Peaceful Parent

Your child will surely be engaged & will learn the most popular nursery rhymes
& other educational videos through our series of colourful 3D animations.
Taking care of a child is a full time job but great content keeps a child busy which
helps parents to get some spare time for them which is such a win-win situation.
If you are about to travel where you may face issues connecting to the internet
YouTube has started a special download feature on their app through which
you could save the videos for offline viewing on your mobile, ipad, tab, & also
laptop (windows 10) which will keep your little ones engaged in the right direction
which will allow you to be free to do your own thing.

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